A pile of rag rugs lying on a small table sitting on garden decking with a pale turquoise garden room in the background

Rag Rugs


      Rag rugs - also known as chindi rugs - are the perfect result of common sense recycling!  A recycled rug made with offcuts from the garment industry which have been gathered, sorted and used to weave stunning home textiles, particularly this popular rag rug style.  These are traditionally a cheap rug - not in terms of quality of course but because they are great value for money.   Imagine covering an 8ft x 10ft area for less than £100!

      The use of random fabrics ensures that every boho rug is different.  We have rag rugs with tassles and some without.  We have bright multi colours, pastel multi colours and then themed colours of blues, greens, reds, blacks and yellows.  Lots of sizes too and we have square and rectangle.  Browse our range and you will see why they are our favourite and longest running product! 

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