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Love is the Rug

Love is the Rug here at Second Nature Online.  No matter how much our products have evolved and diversified, rugs have always been our heart’s desire.  There are many beautifully crafted pieces out there and we have travelled far and wide to find the perfect ranges.   Our eye is easily turned but we always look for products which are made from recycled fabric offcuts - or from sustainable, natural materials.  Most rugs are our own Second Nature Online brand but we also support our fellow rug addicts and so you will find other brands on here too.

Our rugs are mostly flat woven on traditional wooden hand looms and there is no machinery involved.  We specialise in rag rugs, braided rugs, kilims and dhurries.  You can find each of these in a separate category below but don’t stop there.  If you want something a little more individual then check out our Grand Bazaar where you will find one off samples, discontinued items and items with minor flaws. 

130 products

130 products