Our Team

and beyond!

A Well Woven Team

We like to think that the Second Nature Online team is as tightly woven as our textiles. Maybe it's a small town thing but .....

....there’s me (Karen).

My other half is Clayton – who works as a firefighter here in Dumfries.  

His shift mate Kenny, joined the team after retiring from the fire service.  

Kenny’s daughter goes out with Dave ....

who is best friends with Neil who used to work with Clayton’s daughter Megan.   

And then there’s Brian ….. Brian used to manage the main Post Office in Dumfries, so he knows everyone! 

An Extended Team

Behind every great team is another great team. There are so many people who have helped us along the way and we consider them to be part of the gang.

On this front, a very special mention must be made of Clayton's colleagues in the local Fire and Rescue Service. When off-duty, they have unloaded more containers than we care to remember; they have built things, dismantled things; collected things; delivered things; fixed things; painted things ... and the list goes on.

There are many times when we would have been scuppered without them so a HUGE thanks all round!

The Help at Hand

The business has a long history of enthusiasm and the subsequent taking on of too much!

When it all gets too much - and it often does - we are lucky to have a great bunch of friends and family who regularly save the day.

In exchange, we often trade their time for a soft furnishing or two...

Dumfries Fairtrade Group

We are fortunate to be part of the Dumfries Fairtrade Group and to have their friendship and support.

To find out more about the Group and to take part in events you can check out the dumfriesfairtrade website. On this site you can also find information about what they are doing to raise awareness of Fairtrade in Dumfries.  There are also links to lots of information about Fairtrade for schools, businesses and… everyone.

As a group they meet to plan events and activities and to campaign for trade justice around the world.  They campaigned for Dumfries to become Fairtrade Town and were delighted that the whole region of  Dumfries and Galloway achieved Fairtrade Zone status in November 2017.

Our Overseas Partners

We are firmly based in Scotland and all of our orders are despatched from here - but if it wasn't for our overseas partners, we would not be here at all!

We are lucky to have some great GoodWeave suppliers not to mention our agent Seema. Also we have Rajesh - the best driver in the world, who has always made sure that we arrive at our destinations!

And I don't always expect to have a Scottish Pipe Band to greet me during overseas travel but I was delighted to find one in Delhi. It seemed very apt that, having brought a little bit of India to Scotland, we should one day find a little bit of Scotland in India!