GoodWeave - Making it Easy to do the Right Thing

GoodWeave - Making it Easy to do the Right Thing

GoodWeave - Farewell and Hello! 

When telling people that Second Nature Online is GoodWeave certified, I often have to expand with an explanation of what GoodWeave is - and what it does.  Perhaps the term ‘GoodWeave’ sounds more like a quality certification for products which carry the label.  But it’s so much more than that because the roots of the GoodWeave organisation lie with Kailash Satyarthi - a Nobel Peace Prize winner and an activist for children’s rights and education. 

The true quality of a GoodWeave labelled rug is not just in the weave, time and skill of production, but in the quality of life for weavers in Asian countries including India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  

Forced labour and child labour can mean life long misery for many children and adults in these areas but, for overseas buyers - like me - it can be difficult to know the source and background of the textiles we buy.  By becoming part of a closed network of Goodweave certified producers we have been able to confidently expand our work in India and to help contribute to child education.  You can find our own GoodWeave certified products here but we also encourage our customers to look for the GoodWeave label whenever they are purchasing soft furnishings.

The GoodWeave staff are dedicated and incredibly helpful at all levels.  We have dealt with inspection staff in India, local staff here in the UK - and even the CEO in the USA.  Which brings us to a special reason for this post which is to wish @NinaSmith - CEO of GoodWeave for an epic 24 years - the very best of luck in her new ventures.  And of course to say our own personal Hello and Best Wishes to @JonJacoby who has taken over the reins.

Here, we share Jon’s own blog on his first journey to India and Nepal in his new role.


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