Fight Child Labor: Buy Ethical Rugs with GoodWeave Certification

Second Nature Online: Committed to Ethical Rugs with GoodWeave Certification

At Second Nature Online, we're proud to be GoodWeave certified. But GoodWeave goes beyond just being a quality mark – it's a fight against child labor and a champion for education.

The Ethical Choice: GoodWeave Certification Explained

Many might mistake "GoodWeave" for a simple quality label. However, it signifies far more. Founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi, GoodWeave stands for children's rights and education in rug-weaving countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

A GoodWeave label guarantees not just a well-crafted rug, but also improved lives for the weavers. Child and forced labor are harsh realities in these regions, and for international buyers like ourselves, ensuring ethical sourcing can be difficult.

GoodWeave: Confidence in Ethical Sourcing and Social Impact

By joining GoodWeave's network of certified producers, we've gained the confidence to expand our business responsibly. We're proud to contribute to child education initiatives alongside providing beautiful, ethically-sourced rugs.

Discover our GoodWeave certified rug collection here:

Why Choose GoodWeave Certified Rugs?

Look for the GoodWeave label whenever you buy soft furnishings. It's a simple way to make a positive impact.

Exceptional Support from the GoodWeave Team

The dedication of the GoodWeave team is unparalleled. We've experienced their expertise firsthand, from inspection staff in India to local UK support and even the CEO in the US.

Farewell to Nina Smith, Hello to Jon Jacoby!

We extend a heartfelt thank you to Nina Smith, GoodWeave's CEO for 24 years, for her incredible work in promoting ethical rug production. We also warmly welcome Jon Jacoby as he takes over the reins.

Read about Jon Jacoby's first journey to India and Nepal in his new role: (link to Jon Jacoby's blog)


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